• General Questions

    1. What is your Return & Exchange policy?

    a. Refer to policy

    2. Do you deliver furniture? If so how much does it cost?

    a. Refer to policy

    3. Can I make payments in installments?

    a. Easy installment schemes are available through Emirates NBD, Barclays Bank and National Bank of Abu Dhabi at 0% interest. For further information please contact our stores.

    4. Do you offer gift vouchers and if so how can I redeem and when do they expire?

    a. Yes, we do have gift vouchers. They are valid for 1 year from the date of issue.

    5. Do you have orthopedic mattresses? What type of mattress should I look for?

    a. Our showrooms have Silent Night studios. Silent Night is UK's number 1 mattress brand. Our trained sales consultants will guide you through your requirements and will show you a wide variety of mattresses including orthopedic ones. These are some relevant questions before deciding on the type of mattress suitable for you.

    i. Is there sensitivity in your neck or spine?
    ii. Do you prefer extra support for the back?
    iii. Do you prefer Soft or firm mattress?
    iv. Which type of mattress have you used so far? Did you have any trouble with it?
    v. Do you turn the mattress every 6 months?

  • Specific Questions


    1. What are the different thread counts that we have?

    a. Minimum 144 – Maximum 600 thread count

    2. What are the sizes of fitted / flat sheets that we have?

    FLAT SINGLE 180X240

    FLAT QUEEN 228X259

    FLAT KING 259X274

    FITTED SUPER KING 200X200+30

    FITTED QUEEN 150X200+30

    FITTED KING 180X200+1

    FITTED DOUBLE 120X200+30


    3. What type of duvets are available?

    a. Summer and Winter

    4. Curtains are available in what materials and sizes?

    a. Materials: Poly Dupont, cotton, chenille, sheer.
    b. Sizes: 100 x 240 / 140 x 240 / 150 x 240 / 180 x 240

    5. What are the different types of pillows that we carry

    a. Microfiber / hollow fiber / goose feather / duck feather / magnetic / 100% cotton filling pillows

  • Bath shop

    1. What are the different types /sizes of towels available?

    a. Face Towel: 33 x 33 & 30 x 30
    b. Hand Towel: 50 x 80 & 50 x 100
    c. Bath Towel: 70 x 140
    d. Bath Sheet : 80 x 170

    2. GSM for towels

    a. 450 to 680

  • Table Tops and Kitchen

    1. What are the types of crockery available?

    a. Stone ware, porcelain, earthenware & fine bone china.

    2. What are the different types of glasses available?

    a. Wine glasses, Sparkling wine glasses, brandy goblets, whisky glasses, crystal glasses, etc.

    3. Do we sell loose crockery?

    a. Yes

    4. Do we carry recycled glass products?

    a. Yes

    5. Do we sell electrical appliances?

    a. No.

  • Furniture

    1. What are the different sizes of beds available?

    a. Individual single beds come in 3 sizes
    90 x 190 cms
    90 x 200 cms
    120 x 200 cms

    Queen size is 150 x 200 cms
    King bed size is 180 x 200 cms
    Super King Bed size is 200 x 200 cms

    2. Do you customize mattress and does it have warranty?

    a. This facility is available at the Silent Night studio in store and there is 5 year Warranty.

    3. Can a furniture item of a set be purchased separately?

    a. Mostly our furniture is sold as a set and cannot be sold separately. However, we do have a limited range of individual priced items available in store.

    4. Type of Dining tables available in store.

    a. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 seaters.

    5. Type of Furniture in store

    a. Modern, Classic and Ethnic.

    6. What type of outdoor furniture do we carry?

    a. We have a wide range of outdoor furniture in both wood and PVC. For the latest designs and styles please visit our stores.