Energize your Home

Every morning we wake up, roll out of bed, and start the day. So what gets you going? What energizes you? What motivates you to look forward to the day?

Our surrounding where we live in, what we call our HOME is where everything starts and ends…

So why not boost the energy in your Home. An inviting space!!!

You need not to be design Doctor to create and understand the energy around you and at your home…

Consider this:

  • Smell
  • Sound
  • Lighting
  • Color
  • Space

These factors can change and enhance the energy of your home…

We can go step by step and discuss in detail..about each factor and how easy is for anyone to do and make small changes to boost your energy around your space.

Increase Your Energy by Clearing Your Space!

Start by looking around your bedroom from your bed. If what you see is several days worth of clothes draped over your chair, then hung them up, put them away, and clear the space. Now go back to your bed and look over there again.

Doesn’t that look better already? Agreed! So now you know that putting your clothes away in a timely manner makes a difference in your perspective, real and otherwise, on what you see first thing in the morning. That’s an easy change you can make to energize your morning.

Now do the same thing with other parts of the house. Walk to the kitchen as though you’re going there to make your first cup of coffee for the day. What do you see? Is there last night dirty dishes still lying in the sink? What can you do to change about this?

The same concept apply to coming home at the end of the day. For example, make your bed before you leave in the morning so it’s an inviting place to welcome you at the end of the day; properly dispose all your garbage from the kitchen so it does not gross you out before you make your dinner.

If you follow this simple plan with other areas of your home, you can make your sanctuary a more conductive source of energy for yourself. It’s simple and does not cost a penny.

We will be taking you step by step on each factor….next week we will be talking about color ..so stay tuned….